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Teacher!Denmark x Teacher!Reader - Part 2
[[Teacher!Denmark x Teacher!Reader - Shipping Students - Part 2]]
     Day 7.
     “Are we sure?” Alfred said, glancing around the room at everyone.
     You nodded. “Yeah, Feliks did say we only had a week. Well, it’s been a week. So it’s not like we have much of a choice.” Once everyone had nodded in agreement, Alfred tensely sighed, though his eyes were bright with eagerness.
     “All righty then. Who wants to go fetch Feliks?-”
     “Did somebody say my name?” Feliks’ head spontaneously popped into the room, his green eyes sparkling, the rest of his body still on the other side of the door. Everyone let out a few chuckles and giggles, rolling their eyes at Feliks’ ability to know when he was needed.
     “Yeah. We’re done with the sh
:iconcalexy:Calexy 297 177
Jealous (DenmarkxReaderxNorcat?)
Matthias had thought it would be a good idea to get you a kitten for your birthday. You loved animals, and you had told him several times about the cat you'd had when you were a child. It seemed like the perfect gift, so he got you a white kitten that was so fluffy it looked like nothing more than a cotton ball with a face. It had been almost a year since then, and he was still regretting buying that cat.
He was right to think that you would like having a cat, but sometimes it seemed you liked it more than you liked him. First, for some unfathomable reason you had rejected Matthias's suggestion of calling it Konge— "king" in Danish— but decided you liked Norge, a name which was offered by Lukas and which made him smirk at Matthias every time he saw the cat. Even worse than your lack of sense in naming the cat was the behaviour of the cat itself. It had grown, so it was no longer the cute, pathetic ball of fluff it was when he had bought it. It was standoffish and snobbish t
:iconabreakintherain:ABreakInTheRain 83 10
Baby Talk (Hetalia x Reader)
Baby Talk (Hetalia x Reader)
*Warning; A little bit of swearing because Romano is in this :] Other than that hope you enjoy :3
~~~(Name POV)~~~
You were laid across Alfred’s sofa with your eyes shut as you listened to your friends bicker of god knows what, today you were all supposed to meet up and have fun and just hang out like friend are supposed to do but that seemed impossible with this lot.
Opening your eyes you looked around the room seeing Arthur and Francis arguing as usual while Russia watched them with a childlike smile and china just complained about how immature they were being, America was, amazingly, talking to his brother Matthew but it seemed like they were arguing too, something about which sport was better hockey or soccer.
Getting up you strolled into the kitchen finding Ludwig scolding Feliciano for making a mess as Romano hit Ludw
:iconrhythmicbeat:RhythmicBeat 1,542 787
denmark x reader |colors|
Soulmate AU where you see the world in black and white until you meet your soulmate
Many times, you sit and think about how beautiful the world would be if you could really see it.
You’ve heard the stories, of course, about colors, about swirls and hues that splash the world, shades and tints of life. Your friends and family would try to describe to you just exactly what these colors were; shades of blues, reds, greens. “The sky is blue,” they would tell you, while you would just sit there and nod, gazing at the sky, trying to envision just how these things, these colors, really looked. “The grass is green,” they would say, pointing enthusiastically to the blades beneath their feet, as if that would make you see.
And Lord, did you actually want to see these colors; they sounded beautiful, enchanting, even ethereal- because all you ever saw was black and white. Sometimes, your mother would hold your face tenderly in
:iconfortheloveoftwinkies:ForTheLoveOfTwinkies 239 34
Denmark x Reader: Sweeter
The…the sun is so bright… you find yourself thinking as you open your eyes to the white sky as your heart pounds against your skull. Your body hurts terribly. And why…does it smell like a Danish?
Fear creeps throughout your body, and you shoot up, realizing that the "white sky" is the ceiling and the bright sun is only coming in through the windows thrown wide-open. And the aroma of apple Danish is coming from the kitchen…but it isn't your kitchen. You're not even in your own room, your own house.
And your head hurts. You've only once ever experienced this crappy feeling, and with the lack of memories of last night, your assumptions are confirmed: this must be a hangover.
As you take in the room, you instantly know where you are when you peer around the messy room, and then you throw the covers off your body to make sure you are still fully-clothed.
You're not. You're wearing your panties and bra, but you're also wearing a large, oversized T-shirt, and
:iconforeverbeforenight:foreverbeforenight 694 308
The Man Who Can't be Moved (Denmark x Reader)
Mathias made his way down the street, kicking a rock in his path. With a sigh he pulled out his cellphone and dialed the same number for, what seemed like, the thousandth time this week. He waited anxiously as it rang preparing to leave (Y/N) yet another message.
“We are sorry. You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.”
“What?! She changed her phone number!?” The blonde male exclaimed as his phone slipped from his palms. He watched it clatter to the ground but only stared at it as he felt tears form in his eyes. “(Y/N) must be really desperate to keep me away if she went this far.”
He wiped at his eyes with his sleeves before picking his phone up and continuing down the street. He had only walked a few steps when he felt his phone ring in his pocket. He pulled it out excitedly hoping (Y/N) was returning one of his old messages. To his disappointment it was only a text from his friend Tino.
‘Mathias? Are
:icondessiekarma:dessiekarma 380 113
My Bae, Denmark
My Bae, Denmark
For the other human beings who hate the word bae, God bless your beautiful souls

    "There's no need to worry, dudette! Everyone's gonna love you!" Alfred reassured.
    Why was he doing this? Well, you were about to go to a world meeting with him. You had heard about these meetings before and thought they sounded interesting; you always thought that bar fights were kind of entertaining. Besides, Alfred is a pretty attractive guy, so you were guessing his friends were just as gorgeous.
    Man, you were never so happy to be right in your life. Well, you didn't meet any of them yet, but they looked attractive. You were doing a little Instagram stalking on his page to prepare yourself for the big meeting. You smiled as you saw a picture of you and Alfred with the caption "bae". You weren't big on this term
:iconshaynalanibaker:shaynalanibaker 267 128
Prince!DenmarkXReader: A Golden Prince
It was no secret why he was called The Golden Prince, anyone could see why. Maybe it was the way his hair shines when the sun reflected from his locks, or his contagious smile, or maybe it was just all of him that made him shine. It also wasn’t a secret that the golden crown he was going to inherit suited him more than anybody in the world.
And it also wasn’t a secret that you would be by his side when it would happen, and you would also get a crown, but that didn’t matter.
“I’ll do a better job than my father, trust me.” Mat’s words blessed your ears as you are pulled away from sleep that was calling you. Your eyes flutter open as you stare at the blue sky, a blue that rivals Mathias (but he would win). You blinked slowly, feeling the breeze dance between the leaves of the trees.
“I trust you completely.” You responded, not even sparing him a glance. You heard him laugh softly under his breath, as he shifts ever so slightly towards
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 90 18
Garu - Scene Redraw :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 1,001 104
Denmark x Reader: The Wild Swans
Your father was a very affectionate man. He was full of love and kindness. He had even married three times, showing each bride a love and kindness no woman had ever known before. His only major flaw might have been that he was not always a good judge of character and that showed now in your eyes as you eyed his newest bride – soon to be your new stepmother – as she walked down the aisle. She had long raven locks and a slender waist and eyes so green they could make the jade stones your brothers had once brought from the east pale in comparison. You stood there in a pale __f/c__ ball gown with a small bouquet in your hand. You hated this woman. No matter how much kindness she showed you, you couldn’t shake the awful feeling she brought around. Your brothers said you were being silly, but you just couldn’t brush the feeling off.
You had nine wonderful older brothers and two younger one. They were (in order from oldest to youngest): Allistor, Gilbert, Francis, Anto
:iconmagixfire:MagixFire 216 62
A Life with a Child (2P! America x Reader)
(g/n) = girl's name
This is Al.
This is Reader-chan.
When I was 17 I was young and dumb and I had a kid. Luckily my family was very understanding and wanted to help me raise it. Also the father was amazing because unlike the other jerks at the time he stepped up, became a man, and helped raise our child. The only thing was I was the school's sweetheart while he was the resident badass. I guess opposites do attract but that also mean that he got into a lot of fights and associated with the mafia. I wasn't having that so I gave him an ultimatum me or the mafia. He made the right choice of choosing me. Both of our families pitched in to buy us a house, so we were living together as a family. So we're still in high school, have one year left, and not a clue as to what we wanted to do with our lives. Luckily we graduated at the top of our class because the only way we were to go to
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 14 15



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